I've never claimed to be a writer, but it's nice to have a place to put my thoughts down once in a while.


Life on planet Kara

What have I been doing for two months? I'm too busy to figure it out. A couple of highlights though:

My sister and I went camping in early October. It was a gorgeous weekend, beautiful weather. Our parents came out Saturday night to visit and enjoy the outdoors. I took a bunch of pictures but this one is my most favorite.

Every year our church hosts a "Trunk-or-Treat" on Halloween. Members decorate their trunks in the parking lot and kids can "trick-or-treat" from car to car. We've had tons of positive feedback from parents and the community. It's a lot of fun to get together with everyone, relax and see all the great costumes. We have a bonfire and roast hot dogs and have S'mores. It's so much fun. I try to do something different each year without using the traditional Halloween stuff (witches, scary monsters, etc.) One year, my theme was jack o'lanterns but that was about as Halloween-y as I've gotten. This year, being a lifelong University of Kentucky fan, I figured I'd go with a UK theme. Then I started trying to gather up our UK paraphanalia. I'm sad to say, I feel like a fake fan. I had a hard time coming up with things UK. In the end I managed to scratch up enough blue and white to get the job done. So my sister, my friend Kim and I, along with our dog, Missy, were UK fans.

Well, I have to go get ready for our Hanging of the Greens tonight. Thanks for reading!