I've never claimed to be a writer, but it's nice to have a place to put my thoughts down once in a while.


The Art of Imitation

Most people don't realize this, but I'm on a quest to be just like my friend, Kim. Or so it seems. The past nine/ten months I've become more aware that I seem to be copying some of the things Kim does. I'm not sure if it's actually because I do want to be like her or because it's that we have so many things in common. When she discovers something new, it usually turns out that it's something that I enjoy as well. So this post is an examination of what Kim and I have in common. Perhaps this will reveal to me whether I am a copycat or just a kindred spirit playing catch-up.

Interest: Scrapbooking
This is one of the first things that I've found myself involved in because of Kim. When I think about it though, I had started a scrapbook back in 1998 or 99. I went on a road trip with my sister and our good friend Chana. They were tired of me by the end of that trip. I took picture after picture of them and, for some reason, cannons and anchors (We went to St. Augustine, Florida). In that scrapbook I also have pictures from Kim's wedding, our friend Matt's wedding, our friend Tracy's wedding, some camp pictures and some from Matt and Jason's graduation.*
I guess it must have been Kim that got me into scrapbooking. Jenni (my sister) thinks she remembers Kim having some scrapbooks when the three of us lived together during our college years.

* Just roll with the names. I may or may not get to posting who they are and how I know them.

Interest: Photography
I know my interest in photography is not because of Kim. Although, Kim has been taking pictures longer than I've known her. I took a photography class in college as a requirement for my degree. Unfortunately, I haven't had the resources to pursue a more advanced degree of picture taking. I've mostly had point and shoot one time use or the "old fashioned" 35 mm cameras. Currently I have a $15 basic camera from Wal-Mart. It has no zoom but it has a wide view option. The best thing it has going for it is that it is cool looking. Maybe someday I can move into the 21st century and get a good digital camera.

Interest: Stamping
I'm not sure about this one yet. I think it's a really neat craft and I could probably get into it. But I think it would take more time than I have to give. From what I've seen it involves a lot of watercoloring. I took art classes in college including watercolor, but I never took to that medium very well. My preferred method was charcoal, chalk and conte crayon. So this is probably something I'll dabble in, but not pursue like I do with ceramics or scrapbooking.

Interest: Ceramics
I really enjoy painting ceramics. Actually, I also paint plaster casts. I've been painting them for years. I started with Christmas ornaments from Wal-Mart. I'd paint some each year for family or coworkers. It wasn't until Kim started going to classes at a ceramics shop that I really got into ceramics. Unfortunately, my hands start tingling after just a short time when I try painting. (Probably has something to do with daily prolonged computer use.) So I haven't done much of it lately.

Interest: Blogging
This is something else that I'm not sure about yet. I think though, it could be interesting. It fascinates me that I can just type pretty much whatever I want. In a way, that intimidates me. Kind of like a blank page gives me pause. Kim's usually got something to say. And I don't mean that in bad or sarcastic way. It's just a fact and one of the things I like about her. (And won't she just love that my first blog is about her.)

These are not all that Kim and I share interests in. However, this is getting long and it's getting late. It appears to me though, that our interests are along the creative/artsy line. So maybe it's not that I'm on a quest to be like Kim. Maybe it's that my friendship with Kim has opened new ways to be creative. Hmmmm.... something to think about.


Reality Show Reject said...

YES! I LOVE that your first blog was about me. What I don't love is the fact that I'm just now finding out that you have a blog, three months later!!!!! And it's only because it was in your signature line on the email I just got!! I mean, we see each other EVERY DAY, and you've never mentioned it (or either it is one of those things you've said before and I wasn't listening because it wasn't about me...ya know how I am). Anyway, very interesting...now I'll bookmark you on my page so I can keep up with your thoughts! How was your Thanksgiving? Really snotty? Hope you are feeling better before Saturday...don't want you snotting on everything...bring lots of kleenex and hand sanitizer...especially if you want to use anyone else's stamps! Love ya!