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Donkey Kong's Got It Goin' On!

Here's another one from my Myspace blog.

I was asked the question "what song do you like to make the most fun of?" Or something to that effect.

My answer: "Honky Tonk Bedonkey Donk"

Most people I talk to about it, think I'm joking when I ask "What does this song mean?" I'm not.

Ok, I get that "Honky Tonk Bedonkey Donk" refers to the girl's behind. My problem is with the line, "She's got it going on like Donkey Kong". Do me a favor. Stop and really think about this statement. Who is Donkey Kong? He's a giant gorilla that smashes barrels and beats his chest. Why is the singer comparing this girl's butt to a monkey? Is he saying she has a monkey butt? Furthermore, if he is, WHY oh WHY is this so attractive to him? This indicates to me that he has a thing for monkeys! This is the most ridiculous lyric I think I've ever heard! (Aside from "Achey Breaky Heart")

Did the songwriter think that his audience would not think about the words? I say, yes! And do we really stop and think about the words and meanings of popular songs [yes, I mean from all eras]? But this is taking me on a whole other tangent and I'm just too tired to go there tonight.

I think I'll go make up a song about camel humps. Wait. Hasn't that been done.....


Michael & Joe Joe said...

Ha! Great thought process there. We all know what happens when the monkey comes into the picture...