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Sunday Scrappin'

I thought I would try this Sunday Scrappin' out. You share what you've accomplished the past week (Ta-Da's) and what your plans/goals are for the next week (To-Do's). I thought since I have a big project I'm working on, this might keep me on track. I'll explain my project and then get to the Ta-Da's and To-Do's.

I've organized a group of girls at our church called "God's Girls". Once a month we get them together to introduce them to new things, to show them life skills they might not otherwise learn. These girls come from homes where the parents do not attend church, one or more of the parents are incarcerated, drinks or are involved in drugs. Not all of them mind you, but an uncomfortable majority. I've also noticed that most of the girls have low self-esteem and compensate in many ways. My prayer is with God's Girls the ladies of the church can help to break the cycle these girls are caught in. So far this year they've learned all manner of cooking from chocolate chip cookies to Japanese cuisine. They've learned about gardening, hair care, nail care and this month will learn some sewing skills. Along the way, I've taken pictures of each of the girls, in groups and so on. So for Christmas (we're going to make Gingerbread houses), I've decided to make a small scrapbook for each of them. They may not appreciate it now, but I hope that in years to come they can look back on this time and remember that there were people who cared about them. I have eight girls from ages 10-15. I've gotten started on ONE. At this rate, they'll get their scrapbooks next Christmas.

I made one scrapbook for myself to determine what I was going to do. Here is what I did:
I found 5 x 7 photo albums with crowns and gowns and "princess" all over the outside with a pink spine. I ripped out the photo sleeves to replace with my own pages. I've taken 22" x 7" sheets of paper and trimmed them down to 18.5" x 6.25". Next, I scored and folded the width down to 4.25" panels. I fixed the back panel to the inside back of the photo album. Then I decorated the inside front of the album and scrapped each panel with pictures of the girls.

So now I know the HOW to create these scrapbooks, now I just need to get the rest of them done. I've started on Savannah's because she's been the least amount of times and had the least pictures. I've got 6 panels left to scrap and then I'll do some journaling, adding scripture verses and encouragement from ladies' of the church.

This past week I scrapped two panels. The first I laid down the basic pattern I've picked out for Savannah's theme. Then I created a "door" at the top of the panel to hide a picture behind. I closed it with a blue daisy glued to one side of the door and velcroed to the other so it can be opened. Then I added a bit of encouragment near the bottom of the panel below the door. I put a square box with the text on vellum and attached it with eyelets. The second panel doesn't have a picture but I think is cute. I stamped a large flower with stem and leaves in gold ink. Then I outlined the petals, sewing around the edges with blue embroidery thread. I'll add some scripture or words of encouragement to finish that panel out.

This coming week is another busy one for me. Who isn't busy I wonder. But I'd like to finish Savannah's book. Realistically, I may only be able to get a few more panels done. I'm going to have to figure out how to get more done at a time or I'm not going to get them all done in time. Maybe I'll figure out something this week. Pray for me.

I also made an anniversary card for a couple at church. I used an ivory base and added an orange striped background to the front. Then I layered a piece of vellum on top attached with tiny brass brads. I stamped black leaf silohettes on three light orange square pieces layered on orange striped squares to glue in a horizonatal row on the front. On the inside I stamped "Congratulations" in a pretty script with some curly embellishments on either side. Simple maybe, but for me being new at card-making, I thought it turned out pretty good.

I wish I had pictures to post. Unfortunately, I don't have a digital camera. I do know people with them, so maybe I can borrow one. If not, I'll take regular pictures as I work and post them when I can get them developed.


Amy said...

Thanks for joining in Sunday Scrappin! :)

Wow, those books sound so neat! I'd really love to see pics when you can get them. The girls will treasure those, I'm sure.

And your card sounds pretty, too. I'm trying to get going on my Christmas cards today, and instead I keep finding more and more card blogs to read online. Soon it will be time to make supper, and I haven't even started stamping yet!