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Jars of Clay/Third Day Concert

I just got home from a fantastic concert. Jars of Clay and Third Day are on a Christmas tour. Aptly titled, "Christmas Offerings". These are two of my favorite Christian groups. They both have such talent and produce wonderful music. I have to say though, of the two, Third Day is probably my favorite. If for no other reason than for the voice of Mac Powell. This man has been greatly blessed. I don't know how to describe it. If you've never heard the, all I can say is, go to their website and take a listen. http://www.thirdday.com/tdmusic.htm Scroll down a bit and click on "Launch Radio".

Not to leave out Jars of Clay... http://www.jarsofclay.com/home

Another thing I like about these guys is that they are all about giving back. Jars of Clay promotes several charities, one focus is called "Blood: Water Mission". This organization is trying to build wells in Africa to provide clean water for the people. Go here to read about it. Our tickets for the concert were only $12 and $1 of that goes to Blood: Water Mission.

I guess that really impresses me because my little sister is in Africa right now with her husband on a two year mission. They've been gone since October and already I miss them so much. They're still in training and are anxious to get started. You can visit their blog if you're interested in their progress.

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Anonymous said...

Do you remember what songs they played? Did they play together or seperate sets? How long did each play for?

Kara Joy said...

Third Day played mostly songs from their "Christmas Offerings" CD and Jars of Clay played songs from their "Christmas Songs" CD. I think both of the CDs are just released.

They played separate sets. We left as Third Day was playing their last song. So JOC may have come out for the encore.

JOC played for about an hour and Third Day a little over an hour. But like I said, we left before the encore so it was probably a little longer.

Follow my links to their websites to get more info about their CDs.

Kara Joy said...

Third Day also played some of their more popular like, "Show Me Your Glory", "Sing A Song", "God of Wonders", "Your Love, O Lord"

Kara Joy said...

Correction: "Christmas Offerings" was released last year. Sorry about that.
"Christmas Songs" was released this year.