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Sunday Scrappin' #5

I know this is Tuesday, but this is a particularly busy week. So I am finally getting to post.

TaDa's: Well, I didn't get everything done I wanted to. And I even worked most of Saturday. I still have two more books to attach background pages and complete the first two panels. I got duplicates(and more) of most of the pictures. I ordered them online last week. There were two sets of film that I didn't have on disk. Actually, I can't find the disks for them. (See my cake decorating posts). So I dropped the film off at Wal-Mart yesterday for 1 hour development and dropped off a new roll to be developed. The new one I'm getting a disk and will be able to access the pics online. But I'm totally off topic now.

ToDo's: I'm not sure what my ToDo's for this week are. I've got something every night. In fact, I'm at the church every night except last night. I do have all day Saturday free so I'll probably scrapbook all day. I have to. I'm running out of time. I'm hoping to give them to the girls on the 15th.

I'm trying to figure out what to put them in. I'd really like to have some sort of protective sleeve to be stored in. You know, DVD sets come in a hand box to keep them together. Or some photo albums come in a protective sleeve. I'd like to have something like that b/c there's no telling where these girls will keep them.

So the question of the week: Where do I do my crafts? Right now I have a folding table set up behind my couch in the living room so I can listen to the TV as I work. I have an area set up in my bedroom, but clothes, shoes, books, papers, boxes, and a host of other things have taken over. I have a path from the door to my computer, the bed and the closet. I need that TV show "Clean Sweep" to come take control of the chaos that is my room.

So pray for me this week and I'll pray for you.


Sisterlisa said...

I wish I had a place to do my crafts. For now it's at my dining room table, but I have to clean it all up and put it away before dinner. It's quite an ordeal. We have resorted to not doing crafts for a while because of this. :P