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Sunday Scrappin' #7

I missed last week's Sunday Scrappin'. I was so busy I couldn't stop working. I've been pretty busy this week too.

Ta-Das: I have 5 complete scrapbooks. Unfortunately, I have missed my deadline. Saturday was the Christmas Party when I was planning to give the girls their books. But I showed them the books, explained that I had a little more to do and I would let them take the books home in a couple of weeks.I also decorated a table for the Christmas party at church. People sign up to decorate a table in the Fellowship Hall for the evening. I think it's really neat. It takes a lot of stress off any one person to do all the decorating, not to mention expense. Folks bring some of their decorations from home. I made mine. I saw party tips on Lifetime or Hallmark or one of those channels and they did a dining room table that was gorgeous. So I did my version of it. Doesn't really do the original justice, but not bad for less than $20. I've also been scrapping some gift boxes for my sister. She bakes Christmas cookies and give them as gifts. So I thought I'd help out. I've taken some pictures but will have to get them developed.

To-Dos: I'll be working on some more gift boxes the rest of this week. But I hope to get back to the scrapbooks by the weekend. I have have one more book to put pictures in and 4 more to do the journaling. Technically, I will add some more pictures to all of them. We made gingerbread houses at our Christmas party and they are adorabIe I can't wait to get the pictures back. The girls want pictures in their scrapbooks of their houses. So I'll add them when the pictures come in.

Question of the week: Are you scrambling to finish Christmas gifts? Yes and no. The girls have seen their books so I don't feel rushed to finish them. I do have a family gift exchange on Christmas day. Maybe I'll try to do something for that.

I finally found a web browser that will let me upload pictures from my Mac. Now I just need to put them on my computer. As soon as I do that, I'll post some pics.


Amy said...

I'm glad the pressure is off to finish those books. They are going to be such treasures for those girls.