I've never claimed to be a writer, but it's nice to have a place to put my thoughts down once in a while.


Christmas Chaos

It never fails to amaze me how much God is in control. After all I've seen and the things my family have been through, it shouldn't surprise me how He works.

After three years of directing the children and youth Christmas program, you'd think I would learn. We had a pretty good program. We had the script written and the music picked out. But God had other plans in mind for us. One thing after another prevented rehearsals. Pretty soon we were out of time. Our program is tomorrow night. Are we using the script and music originally planned. Nope. We have exactly two kids who showed up today for a hastily planned program. And we are using music that we have done in the past. Not that that's an entirely bad thing. The two girls have fun doing it and get better each time. No, I think maybe God is planning something else to come of this night.

One lesson may be that we just need to simplify things. Our signing group is performing one song, the girls and a couple of adults are performing two songs with puppets, and their mother will be singing at least one song. Simple. The only props needed are the puppet stage and the puppets. The signers are wearing black with white gloves. A simple program for a simple story. A simple story, maybe, but full of significance and purpose.

Another lesson may be that we can plan and plot and organize for hours/days/weeks on end, but we are not in control. If we don't put God first, make Him our purpose, all that planning and organizing is wasted time. He's a jealous God. He wants our attention and when we take our attention from Him and put it on programs and presents and dinners we are not fullfilling our purpose. He wants us to love Him, to share Him with others. He wants to spend time with us. One to one.

We can't make it in this world on our own. We can try. But will we ever find the fulfillment or happiness that we think comes from making it on our own? I don't think it's possible to be truly happy without God in our lives. Even Paul was able to be happy when he was in prison because he knew the Savior. He knew what was possible with Him. I believe he wrote something about that to the Philippians. Check out Philippians 4:13. One of the many verses that bring me encouragement and hope, even in the face of seemingly impossible situations. I've seen God do wonderful things in those types of circumstances. He's done wonderful things for me in many impossible situations.

So, tomorrow, we'll go up there and put on our last minute program. And I'll be thinking of all the possibilities that God will do with it.

Dear Father, thank you for sending us Jesus. Thank you for giving us the hope that comes through believing in him. Teach us to depend on you in all things, in all circumstances and situations. Lord, you know the trials and troubles we go through. You can understand them, you went through them personally. Please forgive me when I forget to put you first. When I get so busy with life that I forget the most important thing, my relationship with you. Thank you for the people you bring into my life, for their examples and strength. I pray for them and for those that are lonely, heartbroken and disappointed. Show me how I can be an example to them, to show them your love, to maybe introduce them to you. Lord, I love you. Thank you for loving me. Amen.