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Gingerbread Houses

Our God's Girls group got together before Christmas and made Gingerbread Houses. The girls had a great time and I think the adults did too. We worked in teams of two or three and wound up with 5 houses. Here are a few of them.

Our "Host" for this Interest Day was my sister, Jenni. She made the gingerbread dough from scratch and cut and baked the houses beforehand. Each group had "construction" materials for their houses. They had pieces for the walls, roof and chimney. We provided a wide range of candy for decorating and icing for putting the whole thing together.

I don't know if you can see them very well, but I found the cutest snowman "Peeps" at Big Lots and thought they'd be perfect for the yards. We also had peppermints, hot mints, chocolate santas, fruit gummy wedges, christmas candy corn and marshmallow trees. Each girl brought a bag of candy to share as well. They ranged from M&M's to Hershey Kisses.
This one was in honor of Faye, one of the ladies of the church. Her husband passed away in early December and the girls were thinking of her. Faye had "hosted" our November meeting where she taught them to make purses. I have a few pictures from that I'll try to post. It was really sweet of the girls to do this for Faye.

The girls are very creative. They used the fruit wedges and lollipops to make "parking lot lights". They laid front walks with hot mints and even had Santa coming down the chimney.
We wound up having extra materials so the girls decided to make a house for the church. Unfortunately, we had a mishap with one side of the roof so it was an open air church. They made little benches and a pulpit to place inside. Santa was the pastor of a congregation of little gummy bears. I do have pictures of it and as soon as I get them developed, I'll be sure to post them.
In addition to providing the gingerbread and candy, Jenni also shared with the girls a little about the history of Gingerbread. Needless to say, that part wasn't quite as interesting for them as getting their hands (and elbows and clothes and faces) dirty!