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Sunday Scrappin' #9

Ta-Da's: I didn't think I would do anything this week. But, I was feeling a little crafty and needed some solace time, so I just sat down and piddled around at my desk. To my surprise, I made two cards.

Here is the first one:

Maybe not the best of scans but better than waiting to get my film developed. I had found this cute paper with the cars puttering across the page. I had a scrap piece of the green so I put them together. But I had this large expanse of green and thought it overwhelmed the cars a bit, so I made a car to go on top. I sketched it out and used the colors from the car paper and added a little detail with colored pencil. I wanted to add a little fluff at the back for the exhaust, but I didn't have room. The sentiment is from Printworks clear stamps using the Colorbox cat eye ink in Royal Blue. I finished it with a thin baby blue ribbon. I still have the car paper left so I may take this concept and make a couple more like this in different layouts (adding my fluff to it, of course.)

And the second card:

I liked the brown and green papers together. I stamped the design on the green paper with the letter "g" from a stamp set I got at Wal-Mart. I don't remember the name. I used Encore Ultimate Metallic ink in Satin Rose to tie in the copper eyelets. I had a hard time choosing what color ribbon and what layout I wanted but I think I'm satisfied with the result. I used the Absolutely Fabulous sentiments from Stampin' Up. In case you can't make it out, the outside reads "You're so thoughtful" and the inside sentiment says "Thanks for all you do". I used Stampcraft black ink I got from Wal-Mart.

I finally made a step to get back to the scrapbooks for my girls at church and did a little bit of journaling. Which leads me to my....

To-Dos: My goal is to finish the journaling in the book I just started and maybe add some more embellishments as I go. After that book is finished, I'll two more books to complete. So I'll get a start on at least one of them this week.

This week's question:
If you could only do one kind of paper crafts for the rest of your life, which craft would you pick? I would have to say scrapbooking. I can always buy cards or other types of crafts elsewhere, but a scrapbook has your personal photos and memories that your family can enjoy for years.

Side note: I finally got pictures of my God's Girls scrapbook project (mentioned above). I'm putting them in another post that you can see here. To catch up on the particulars of this project you can go here to read the description.

I'm also going to post pictures of some crafts the girls did and a table I did for our Christmas party at church. Go to walkbyfaith.blogspot.com if you'd like to see them.

Thanks for reading and good luck this week!


Just Me :) said...

That little car card is just too cute!! And what a clever way to use the 'g' stamp. I'm going to have to remeber that one. Great job! :)

Christine Rockwell said...

The cards are so cute! I love that car one, very original! And the second one is just BEAUTIFUL! Good luck with your journaling goals this week!

Amy said...

I love the cars! That car you made to match the paper is perfect. :)

Off to see the other photos now...

Mayogi said...

I love your cards! The car card is sooooo cute and the other is just beautiful.

Good luck with your goals and have a great week!