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Sunday Scrappin' #8

I missed the last Sunday Scrappin'. I'm not sure what I was doing. Probably sleeping. I've taken a break from all things creative the past couple of weeks.

This week's question: Do you prefer to stick with only big name-brand supplies (Creative Memories, Stampin' Up, etc.) or do you usually buy less expensive supplies?

My answer: Usually less expensive supplies. I do have a drink/trash bag holder from Creative Memories which I love. I'm even thinking of getting one for my mom. She is a sewer and a coffee drinker, so it would be perfect for her. Other than that, I tend to pick up odds and ends here and there. I've found paper at Big Lots for $1-$2 for a package of 25-50 pieces. And I've found a few small stamps at the Dollar Tree.

So my Ta-Da's: This is all before Christmas. I made about 6 cards to put in a gift for a family member. I found a beautiful painted box at Hobby Lobby. It was fairly large, painted with a white background and light pink images. The inside was lined with dark pink velvet. It was very feminine. I made some dividers for birthday cards, celebration cards, etc. added some store bought cards and a set of gel pens. I think she was happy with the gift. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the cards. I ran out of time so wasn't able to. I also altered some gift boxes for my sister to use to package homemade cookies. She's a baker/cook hobbiest and makes tons of goodies every Christmas. We give gifts of her homemade goodies so this year, since I've gotten more into scrapbooking/crafting, I thought it would be neat to help her out. I got packages of white gift boxes and Christmas patterned paper at Wal-Mart. I made about 3-4 boxes for my brother to hand out at work. I do have pictures but haven't got the film developed yet. As soon as I do, I'll post them and explain what I did. (Seems I'm always saying that).

And for my To-Do's: I'm not expecting to do anything crafty this week. I have some programs at church that we're kicking off this month that I need to prepare for. I also absolutely need to get my bedroom and living room cleaned up and organized. My sister, our friend Sandra, and myself have decided to help each other with our New Year's Resolutions. Come on, we all know what they are. Yuppers. Dieting and exercising. So we're going to set up a sort of homemade gym in our basement. We each have a couple of pieces of exercise equipment not to mention workout tapes, etc. So, the basement needs to be rearranged.

And since I missed the last Sunday Scrappin' question, which was what are my crafting goals for 2008: Finish my girls' individual scrapbooks. I'm ashamed to admit, I haven't got them done. After working frantically to finish them and then not meeting that goal, I just haven't been able to bring myself to get back to them. I got so many contributions from the ladies at church that I decided to put them into a little booklet to put in with the scrapbooks. I had found a little tin with a slot in the lid to put a picture. That's where I'm going to put the booklet.

So, now I need to go try to prioritize all the things I need to do.

Good luck to everyone else for the new year and your goals, crafting or otherwise!


Amy said...

Sounds great! That card holder box sounds like such a thoughtful, and pretty gift- I'm sure the recepient loved it. I'm glad you're playing along with SS! :)

Christine Rockwell said...

Sounds like you have some great TA-DA's! I have heard SO MUCH about this amazing place called Hobby Lobby and now I am off to their website to pester them until they open one in CALIFORNIA!!!! Good luck with all you have going on this week!

Just Me :) said...

I also made all occasion cards to give as Christmas gifts this year. I figure that is something everyone can use. :) Have a wonderful week! :)

Scrapping Servant said...

Nice to meet you Kara, and good to hear your goals for your daughters books.