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God's Girls Scrapbooks

If you've been reading my Sunday Scrappin' blogs, you'll want to see these pictures. It's hard to describe just what I've done. A picture is much better. So the following pictures are of the scrapbooks I've been working on. Actually, a sample of the scrapbooks.

I took a mini photo album and replaced it's pages with scrapbook pages and added a ribbon to tie them closed.

Each girl's scrapbook follows the same layout. Name and picture on the inside front. The God's Girls page is also similar in each book with the color scheme changing in each one.

The pages pull out, accordian style. This one doesn't have the journaling yet.

This is the other side. The last panel on the right is the inside back cover. The flower there in the middle was stamped and then hand stitched around the petals. I didn't do that on every book. I'd be working on them until next Christmas if I tried that.

This is one of the panels. The flower is holding the "doors" closed.

And it opens up to reveal the whole group.

Since I have 8 books, I didn't take pictures of all of them. I will take a picture of each girl with their book, probably open to the first two pages. Those will be for me to go in MY scrapbook whenever I get around to making it.

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Amy said...

WOW! What a wonderful gift. Those girls are sure to LOVE them! Great job! :)

Chrissy said...

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Michael & Joe Joe said...

Those are so cute!!

Hey by the way, you need to write me. I haven't heard from you in a while. I will accept emails, cash, money orders, or letters.