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Sunday Scrappin'

I don't know if I'm early or late for Sunday Scrappin'. I'll let you be the judge.

My TaDa's:

My sister recently had surgery and needed some thank you cards. So these are what I came up with for her to use. These are a few cards that I've done in the past. Some are recent, some are put together with parts that were done several months ago.

This first one I had stamped and colored the flower last fall but didn't really have a plan in mind for it. Then I had this piece of pink cardstock left from something so I made a card. Later on I added the ribbon. And just recently added the little jewels to the flower. I had stamped a "thank you" sentiment on the inside.
It's not really a standard size, but it fit okay in a small envelope. Out of all of these, this one was my favorite.

This one I wanted to see how quick I could make a card. I was trying to use a template from a magazine, so I just used materials that I had on hand. The butterfly is a clay charm. I didn't care for the color scheme, but I do like the layout. So I think I should spend just a little more time on my cards.

I got some small envelopes from work and put these two together. I think they look a little like composition books. Maybe because I've seen what my friend Kim has been making lately. (Which I intend to try my hand at someday).

I had some square cardstock that fit perfectly in the envelopes, so I folded one side over and extended it with the patterned paper to make the front of the card. I'm not overly excited about these two, but I did spend a little more time on them than the other one.

We're supposed to tell our ToDo's for the week. Mine for this week has nothing to do with crafting. I'm the clerk at the church I attend and am behind in some of my paperwork. So I hope to get a start on catching up. It involves a lot of writing so I may recruit some girls from the youth group to help me out.

There's also a challenge: Next week's challenge: try a new fold. Whether you're a scrapbooker or a card maker, there are many folded paper creations that can enhance your projects.
Technically, I folded the cards, but I wouldn't feel right trying to claim that as my challenge. Maybe I'll be able to do the next one.

If you're crafty, hop on over to Sunday Scrappin' and join in.

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forgetfulone said...

Your cards look great! I'm still very unsure when I'm making cards. Well, I'm unsure of my scrapbook pages, too, but moreso of my cards because I just started.

Melanie said...

Your cards are gorgeous Kara Joy, I love the bunch of flowers with the bling in the centre.

Hope you had a wonderful week and got all the ppaerwork done.