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Sunday Scrappin'

Maybe one day I'll actually post on the correct day. At least I did the challenge this time.

My TaDa's: A group of my friends (old & new) got together Friday night and had a craft night. We were scrappin' and stampin' and gabbin'. By 9:30 I only had one card done. I wasn't feeling well and had had a bad week, so I wasn't feeling very scrappy (or stampy). But I finally got this one finished.

I like the colors. I thought about coloring the image, but decided I like the simple look, especially with all the polka dots. Technically the purple box is a square, but the little flowers are in squares.

Then I used the same stamp on some cream paper and did water color it. I found my friend's square punches. Thinking I would punch out one of the squares, I accidentally cut more than I wanted. As it turned out, I liked what I wound up with. Flipping through the paper I had at hand, I found this orange striped patter and suddenly felt more crafty! So I put this card together.

I didn't like how the cord wrapped around the bottom. I glued it on the inside. Partly to hide the ends and partly to hold them down while they dried, I attached a strip of the orange paper on the inside. I really didn't like how that turned out. My friend Kim suggested I use her Crop-A-Dile. (Here's her blog). So this was my next creation.

I liked this one a lot better. By this time the night was winding down. Several people had already left and us die hard folks were sticking it out. While I was going through my paper and found the orange, I also found this paisley pattern and solid purple. I really liked how they looked together. So in the last stretch I started this one and finished it up last night.

I was pretty happy with the results. I was wanting to make some cards to send to long lost friends anyway. I think everyone had a productive night. Everyone made a new friend and some discovered a new craft. There were some connections made and I believe there will be more scrap nights to come.

My ToDos: As of this moment, I don't have anything planned. I'm sure that will change though.
It always does.

If you're crafty hop on over to Sunday Scrappin' and join the group!


Melanie said...

Your cards are fabulous, I love the second one you made of the orange card. The twine threaded through the holes looks wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I'm not usually much for pink and purple, but i LOVE that polka-dotted card!! Everything goes so well together and I think you were totally right not to color in the image. It is perfect!