I've never claimed to be a writer, but it's nice to have a place to put my thoughts down once in a while.



We've been without a dog for quite a while now. We've been on a search for a dog for mom. She wanted a female, preferably a young terrier type. She needed to be a small dog that mom would be able to lift. We wanted a dog that wouldn't shed a whole lot. So we'd been keeping an eye on Petfinder.com and after one or two disappointments, we found Missy. So we set a date to meet her. A few days before, these two showed up on our back porch.

Aren't they absolutely gorgeous! Fairly well behaved too, for hound dogs. They've been with us for about two months now. But unfortunately, we can't keep them. We're looking for a good home for them, preferably together.

We did meet Missy and wound up bringing her home. Here's she is. She's a West Highland Terrier/Chihauhau mix.

She loves to cuddle and nip at your toes if she catches them bare. She has a stuffed bright pink piggy, named (oddly enough) Pink Piggy, that she likes to carry around. Since coming to live with us she's claimed three gray stuffed Schnauzer dogs and a green bunny. She likes to strew them around the living room. When she's wet, she looks even more like a drowned rat. But she's a sweetie. And she usually can hold her own with the big dogs. They think she's a toy but she lets them know if they're playing too rough. I think she thinks she's the boss. I saw her take a bone and chew happily on it, while the two pups lay nearby looking longingly at that bone. Didn't even try to take it from her.

So we went from zero doggies to almost more than we can handle.