I've never claimed to be a writer, but it's nice to have a place to put my thoughts down once in a while.


Today was a good day

Today was a pretty good day. I finished my work before 5 p.m. Which is unusual for any day of the week. But this made the third day in a row. I almost didn't know what to do with myself. But today is Wednesday and I was finally able to make it to church on time. A lot of weeks I don't even make it. So thank you Lord, for helping me get my work done. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend time with my church family. I don't expect to get done on time tomorrow. I have a lot more to do on Thursdays. But we'll see.

I got new pictures today from my sister and brother-in-law. They're great pictures of my nephew being all cute. That kid can make the best faces! There were some pictures of him and his dad in the park. Really great pics. I believe my sister took them. She's pretty good.

I'd really like to find some time to do some crafting. I'm so far behind in everything that I don't know when I'll be able to craft. When I do have time, I need to use it to try to catch up on something else. Like laundry. Or cleaning my room. Oh, who needs a clean room and clean clothes? Well, I guess I do need clean clothes. Oh well. Maybe someday I can get crafty.