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Sunday Scrappin'

Here we are again, another Sunday Scrappin'. Where does the time go?

My TaDas: I'm ashamed to say, I didn't get my cards sent out. But I did make one. It was for my mom whose birthday was this past week. She decided to break her ankle for her birthday present. Maybe she wanted to get some attention. It was just a fracture and the doctor has her in a boot and told her he wanted her up as much as possible. Anyway, I made this card for her.

When I sat down to make the card, I had no creative thoughts, no ideas, nothing. Then I remembered the Sunday Scrappin' challenge to use an embellishment(s) that I've had but haven't used before. So I scratched through everything and found these super cute lady bugs. I'm not sure if they are technically embellishments. Even if they aren't, they helped prompt a cute birthday card for my mom. So thanks for the challenge. It was a great help!

I went to Michael's and Hobby Lobby and managed to catch some pretty good sales. I restrained myself though. If I didn't I'd have to declare bankruptcy. I got some journals at Hobby Lobby for $2 each. They're already pretty cute but I may add some bling. They're for my girls at church. I try to encourage them to keep prayer journals or to use them during their quiet time. At Michael's, their albums were 30% off, so I picked out a real pretty 12x12 I'm going to use for a friend at church (see my ToDo's below). They also had the punches 40% off, so I picked up a square punch. I've had to borrow a friend's punch when I need a square, or cut it down the hard way. I spent about $35 for everything, so I think I did pretty good.

This week's ToDos: I will be going to my craft club this coming Saturday. We're there from 2 until midnight (or until the last person decides to go home). Hopefully, I'll be able to get a lot done. I'm going to start on a scrapbook for a lady at church who has helped me with my God's Girls group. (Here's an older post about them and a project I was working on.) I've got most of the pictures ready, just a few from the past month or two to get printed. So I'll be deciding on picture order and starting on layouts. I can't wait.

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Thanks for reading.


ChrissyM said...

On my To Do list for last week I had listed to mail cards out and I never got around to it, so don't feel bad. LOL! Your card is cute! Sounds like you got alot of goodies for a decent price. I mean it's easy to spend just $35 on an album but you got an album and a bunch of other great things.

forgetfulone said...

Pretty work. Sounds like you got some great deals, too. I didn't scrap this week, but I'm having fun visiting everyone's SS posts. Have a good week.

Wani said...

Love the card!!

Melanie said...

Your poor mum, I hope she isn't in pain and she has a speedy recovery.

That is a gorgoeus card Kara Joy.
I hope you get all your goals achieved this week and have a wonderful week.